Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who me?

Kati is my name, asking questions is my game!

My motto: "Confusion is the mother of Wisdom." (Confusion tends to be promiscuous so the identity of Wisdom's father is open to speculation)


From foreign student in Kalamazoo (from Belgium via Hungary, Switzerland,France) to marrying young (to a Latvian via the UK) and disregarding my mother's frantic cables: "Can't you just live with him?" My mom was way ahead of her time and time proved that she knew best, but my two kids and now one grandkid are awesome, and so is my new partner of the last 29 years.

From sales clerk (at Steuben no less!) to fry cook, to cultural-social anthropologist/translator/teacher to writing blogs in the Northwest woods....

Like other Flysters I came to this site through reading the amazing posts following "Dear Prudence" on Slate. Yes, gossip is fascinating. It's actually the cornerstone of anthropology (even bones are gossips!), not to mention it helps keep abreast with our species' deepest concerns (Hey you! Stop laughing already!).

This blog is addressed and dedicated to all those who haven't stopped saying "why?" as they grew up, and even now refuse to take "Because!" for an answer

This blog will frequently start sentences with “But” as well as indulge in strange punctuation, occasional weird spelling and lots and lots of parentheses (Please be advised that any and all cussing will be in French).


  1. Thanks Auntie! But I'm not sure I'm in the Fly awaiting Schuyler's instructions on how to get there (by plane, rocket, on a cyber air current...?)

  2. Kati, I've taken a little detour from Mermaid's Lagoon to extend my warmest greetings! I'm delighted to see you (and looking forward to hearing more about Steuben!) Welcome, dear Friend!

  3. Thanks Mermaid, I'll rack my memory about my experience at Steuben in New York in the sixties... All I can tell you right now is that one day I took a cab to work and asked to be driven to Steuben Glass, and I guess he was a bit hard of hearing and my accent threw him so he exclaimed "What! Stupid Glass?"

    As soon as I told the story to my fellow sales clerks, the moniker stuck... and it still sticking with me to this day!

    More later...

  4. LOL! Kati, my home office that I'm writing you from as we speak is painted in (I believe it's) Glidden's "Steuben Glass" (a lovely light gray blue) and when my ex husband asked me what color it was and I told him, he too said, "What? Stupid Glass?"

    I am something of a glass nut, as you'll learn. I'm sure I picked the color based on the name. I was wavering between this and "Fostoria Glass"!

  5. "Confusion tends to be promiscuous so the identity of Wisdom's father is open to speculation"

    I speculate that Wisdom's father is time. Or keeping one's mouth closed and ears open. Is there a Mr. Time Closed-Mouth-Ears-Open? If so, that's the guy. ;-)

  6. Thanks Smag for resolving this mystery. Father Time did it! But what woman could resist him?