Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Alien Life and Flogging

So this guy suffering (or benefiting) from Asperger syndrome wondered if the US govt had had contact with “aliens from outer space” and kept it hidden from us.

Garry McKinnon, is a Brit and from the UK who, between 2001 and 2002, hacked into one hundred US military and NASA computers looking for evidence of contact. The discussion in the fray following the article (haven’t been able to provide link but it’s in the Slate science section) had to do with demanding proper punishment and arguing that Asperger shouldn’t be used as a reason to deny his deportation to the US. But that’s not all! Flogging, hanging were invoked, as well as the weird notion that the framers of the constitution were used to having people drawn and quartered (as if it wasn’t documented that they opposed judicial torture and that’s why they prohibited “cruel and unusual” punishments).

Actually, this hacker did the US govt a favor by showing how vulnerable our systems were. At any rate, spies surely already hacked into all the govt computers, albeit more discretely, and I’m sure we have hacked into the computers of all other governments across our little globe.

BUT that’s not really the point. The point is did that guy find trace of alien communication (in addition to the traces left by himself!) and if he did, what was it? I tried bringing up this question in that fray as I thought it more interesting than arguing whether we should go back to flogging and hanging “evildoers” (of course in spite of the article, many posters thought he had “taken down” thousands of armed forces computers, and the number kept on growing) but I was promptly told I must be nuts (too true!). So what do ya’ll think? Did he or didn’t he find something about alien contacts?

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