Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's still October 27, 2012 -- still, or is it again?  (I  wonder if there's a support website for amnesiacs?  Well, I suppose if there is/was such a thing it's already forgotten ((Gasp, what a cheap joke!....))

Deep thought:

We humans have fucked up our earth and our destiny (or is it that we are living out that very destiny imparted on us when our jaws didn't grow as big as primate jaws are meant to grow and thus our brain just about festered into a large grey mass filled with coexisting and contrary stuff. 

Stuff?  Today I'm depressed so I see that stuff as tiny knives in constant combat with each others.  These cutting knives are otherwise known as  synapses...  (I know I know, synapses are great and good, I was  just looking for a paradoxical word here in order to impress myself)

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